รหัสสินค้า : VWC2

More Vision Experience

  1. All 4k. 20Gbps bandwidth per input slot and 80Gbps per output slot, all the input and output channels support 4k (3840x2160 @30Hz).
  2. OSD. The font, color, and moving speed support self-define at user’s discretion.
  3. Smooth Display. Double buffering technology to ensure the synchronization for cross screen display of fast moving video, no stuck and frame lost.

Higher Reliability

  1. Hardware-Based structure. No operating system inside, more reliable, designed for 24x7 working conditions.
  2. CPU Card back up. If One CPU card break down, the other one will take over. Backed up configuration is capable to import to the backup CPU card to restore.
  3. Status Monitoring. Real time status monitoring for hardware (I/O Card, CPU card) temperature, fan rotation speed and capable to track manufacturing information.
  4. Online Firmware update.

More flexible Operation

  1. Web-based control, no need to install control software. Google Chrome is supported only.
  2. Intuitive Interface and Visible Operation. Capable to preview input content and scenario via browser by real time.
  3. Precisely Access Level Management. Administrator is capable to authorize a normal user’s limited access for allocated area of video wall and allocated input resources.
  4. Multiple Grouping Video Wall Management. Concurrently control up to 4x groups of video wall with different resolution and display devices by a single unit. There is no limitation for video wall quantities (groups) when all the video wall with the same resolution.
  5. Remote Switch on/off. Support to switch on/off the video wall controller via browser remotely.

Specification Details

Product Range Model VWC2-H4-C4 VWC2-H4-C6 VWC2-H4-C14 VWC2-H4-C19
Chassis Size 4U 6U 14U 19U
Max. Input 32 56 108 148
Max. Output 12 20 40 80
Default+Redundant PSU 2 2 4 4
Power 110-240V AC, 50-60Hz        
Operating Temperature 0°to 50℃(32° to 112°F)        
Operating Humidity < 90% (Non-condensing)      
Input Format Max. Resolution Output Format Max. Resolution
DVI(Single Link) DVI-D 1920*1200@60Hz DVI(Single Link) DVI-I 1920*1200@60Hz
DVI(Dual Link) DL-DVI-D 4088*4088@30Hz HDMI HDMI1.3 1920*1200@60Hz
HDMI HDMI1.3 1920*1200@60Hz 4K HDMI HDMI1.4 3840*2160@30Hz
4K HDMI HDMI1.4 3840*2160@30Hz HDBaseT HDBaseT 1920*1200@60Hz
VGA RGBHV  1920*1200@60Hz      
SDI SD/HD/3G SDI 1920*1080@60Hz      
CVBS NTSC/PAL 720*480/720*576      
YPbPr YPbPr 1920*1080@60Hz



16U Chassis 4x Hot-swappable PSUs 36x Input slots, 36x Output slots and Up to 72×72 input/output channels


2U Chassis 3x Input slots 2x Output slots 2x Hot-swappable PSUs 8x Screens video wall, 32x windows 12x HD input sources


3U Chassis 6x Input slots 2x Output slots 1x Default PSU 8x Screens video wall, 32x windows 24x HD input sources


8U Chassis 2x Hot-swappable PSUs 18x Input slots 18x Output slots Up to 36×36 input/output channels